We support companies in Apps development 

Professionally and cost-effective from Warsaw

Our Services & Expertise

We offer a wide range of services ranging from system administration to custom app development. Our area of expertise includes Salesforece.com, Azure, Power BI, Tableau, .NET, iOS, Android, React technologies.


BI & Data

Tableau, Power BI

Cloud apps


Mobile Apps

iOS, Android, React Native



Web technologies

Wordpress, React, .NET

Co-operations Models


In this model we take care of your full IT environment or just a part of it. We create a team of specialists led by a professional manager that makes sure that digital part of your business runs smoothly.


In this model we further develop your existing apps. Depending on your needs we form a team consisting of developers, testers and business analyst to ensure the highest quality of work.


In this model we help you fill gaps in your team by one of our subject matter expert on flexible terms. 

Your Benfits


We are probably more cost effective than your internal specialists or domestic agencies.

We are near you. In the same time time zone. We can meet with you in person if you wish.

We ensure best quality by applying IT support procedures and best practicies.

Our specialists have stake in the business therefore they care a lot about the service quality.

You pay for the hours spent.

With us you are in control of your budget

With us you always have a back-up. Stop worrying that your specialists are on holiday or leave the company.

Our Account Managers have international experience and will understand your business needs.

We take already started projects that are difficult and many devs don't want to touch.

With us you reduce HR cost of hiring, managing and administrating your IT specialists.

Reinvent your IT

All specialists you need under one roof


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